Kitchen Without Borders – the new cooking show at PIK1

Just finished the website of ‪#‎kitchenwithoutborders‬ ‪#‎kouzinaxorissynora‬
Now comes the difficult part – uploading all the content. And believe me we have tones of amazing photos, videos, information about our stars as well as the special guests in the studios of ‪#‎PIK1‬

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You think to start a blog? “Great! Absolutely!”

What are the key ingredients for a successful blog?

Be Clever. Think of a really good name that says best what the blog is about. It is not easy because most probably it will not be available, so you have to be clever.

Be Smart. Consider securing a trademark for your blog name as you build your brand. Do the research up front to avoid that awkward situation. You can trademark your brand after you advice with some legal office.

Be Unique. Don’t be shy. Write like you think and like you speak, because no one else can do it in that way. Write about what you know. Personal experiences are unique so start there. Even if it’s blogging officejust a few tips and you’re not an expert, a little experience is valuable information, so share it.

If you’re a niche blogger (photography, fashion, design, food, etc.) stay mostly on topic, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with snippets of your life, something random, or a self deprecating moment, readers love when you share the personal side, we’re all human!

Be Patient. Producing good content that is unique and useful is the most valuable thing you can contribute. Be prepared to write that good content for six months and go completely unnoticed. But this is not bad since you can use this time for practicing and finalize your writing and posting schedule.  Once you’re discovered, you’ll provide readers with a lot of good content to share, and they will share it, if it is unique and inspiring, so keep your focus there.

Be Visual. Good writing is great, but pretty pictures are killer. Having shareable images is one of the best tools for getting your content out in the world and pretty pictures always always help! Want to take better pictures? You can learned how by contacting UnitrustMedia for their upcoming training.

Be Clean & Organized. My favorite minimal whitish style is really relaxing. Your blog design should not be too busy or distract from your content. White space is calming and gives the eye a place to rest with all the commotion going on with content or ads. Consider a white backdrop or subtle wallpaper, nothing glaring or flashy or too bright. Your blog layout is a reflection of your style – clean and simple always trumps busy or cluttered. Make sure you have an About page with a picture and a 2 to 3 paragraph narrative, we want to know who you are, your interests, why you’re blogging! Absolutely have a Contact page for readers to connect and for future opportunities!


Be Nice. Blogging is not high school; there is zero tolerance for meanness. It’s best to treat others with kindness and respect in your comments and your writing. Encouragement not criticism has always been my motto, be gracious and give people the benefit of the doubt before judging. Unless judging is the main theme of your blog, then by all means, do your thing but expect opinions to fly!

Be Social. Make friends in your niche by socializing through comments or joining link parties or tweeting or commenting on Facebook. Most of my blog friendships were initiated through comments online but solidified when we actually met at a conference, so once you’ve been blogging a few months, consider attending one, they’re a wealth of information, inspiration, and it’s great to match faces to blogs.

Be Professional. In the online world, you can get noticed pretty quickly if you do something unique and it gets circulated in social media, so if you do get that email from a magazine editor or publisher, be quick to respond and do so with courtesy and professionalism. They are always looking for high resolution quality images so considering taking photographs with that in the back of your mind!

Be Passionate. So cliché, but so true. Don’t blog to get rich or make money, blog because of your desire to share your skills, thoughts, passions, quirks, and your unique take on the world. There’s plenty of room for blog success, just be sure you stay true to who you are, or really, what’s the point? 🙂

Whether you start on Blogger or WordPress is completely up to you. Be sure to install a Stat-counter, or Google Analytics in the beginning, it’s the best way to track where your traffic comes from and those stats will come in handy in the future when you seek sponsors, advertisers, and the like.

Got questions? Contact me to continue the discussion.

The Cyprus Premiere of “Aishe Is Going On Vacation”


CYIFF 2014 9thh Cyprus International Film Festival
K Cineplex – Hall 5, Kings Avenue Mall, Paphos
Friday 12/9 at 6 PM
Screening of the short-film «AISHE IS GOING ON VACATION».
The projection will be followed by a discussion with the participation of the Director.

Entrence: FREE


9ο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Κύπρου
K Cineplex – Hall 5, Kings Avenue Mall, Πάφος
Παρασκευή 12/9 στις 6μμ
Προβολή της ταινίας «Η Αισέ πάει διακοπές».
Θ’ ακολουθήσει συζήτηση παρουσία του σκηνοθέτη της ταινίας.


Колко струват в крайна сметка държавните уебсайтове?

Държавните уебсайтове са в пъти по-слаби като изработка от частните , но за сметка на това в пъти по-скъпи. Това наблюдение очевидно е валидно не само в България. Принципът е станал общоприет. Каква е реалната ситуация? Действително ли разходите са толкова високи и за какво изобщо се харчат парите на данъкоплатците? Може би ще ви е интересен анализа в тази статия и ще намерите приликите и разликите с нашата действителност.

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You still don’t use video on your website. Start as soon as possible. Why? Here I give you 8 reasons for doing that.

Integrating a video in your website definitely will affect the popularity because it will become dynamic, unique, will attract and keep visitors. 

1. Use Video to Enhance Your Website

Use video to turn a static website into a dynamic. The types of videos that you can use are:

  • A promotional video that explains who you are and what you do
  • A website tour that tells visitors what they can find on the website, and where it is
  • A virtual tour that lets web visitors see what your physical location is like

2. Use Video to Demonstrate a Product or Activity

*How-to videos* are some of the most popular videos on the web, and businesses can use them to educate customers. There are many ways to use video to educate customers on how to use your product, and also save time and money on customer service.

  • Use video to demonstrate how to install or set up your product
  • Use video to show your product in action
  • Use video to train clients and staff remotely

3. Use Video to Share Your Expertise

You are an expert on a particular topic.

  • Create educational videos that provide visitors with in-depth information related to your industry
  • Produce a video newscast updating viewers on the latest headlines in your field of work
  • Aggregate and publish other expert videos related to your topic

4. Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Search engines love video, and with proper video SEO, you can use video to drive lots of traffic to your website.

  • Use targeted keywords when titling and tagging your videos
  • Create a variety of videos, each focusing on a different search term
  • Use multiple video sharing sites to increase links back to your main website

5. Use Video to Earn Money

Content is a king! If you have the right content and access to the right audience, you can use video to earn money from your website:

  • Charge visitors to download informational or entertainment videos
  • Place advertising on video pages
  • Sell sponsorship for a popular video podcast

6. Use Video to Promote a Sale or Special Event

Use video to advertise upcoming sale on your website:

  • Use video to show off new products you’re selling
  • Use video to notify customers of upcoming specials

7. Use Video to Give Your Business a Personal Face

It’s easy to use video give a human face to your corporate website:

  • A short video welcoming visitors to your website
  • Profile videos that introduce your executives and employees
  • Customer testimonial videos that communicate your company’s value

8. Use Video to Engage Customers with Your Brand

You can use video as an interactive medium to get consumers engaged with and excited about your brand.  

  • Start a video contest to promote your brand
  • Ask users to upload videos of themselves using your product
  • Invite users to embed your videos on their own web pages

UnitrustMedia ( can help you with this. We’ve been doing it for a lot of customers throught the years. Here are some showcases:

Be part of the change!

Xristiana e-PR Be part Of The ChangeWe live in Internet. Shopping online, use social networks to communicate with friends rather than over the phone, search information, educate ourselves, listen to radio, watch TV, meet new people, fall in love … For all these reasons, knowledge of new media is a mandatory for anyone who wants to be part of today’s reality. You can not be effective as a specialist and a person if you don’t exist in this environment. You just develop in a different rhythm.