The Cyprus Premiere of “Aishe Is Going On Vacation”


CYIFF 2014 9thh Cyprus International Film Festival
K Cineplex – Hall 5, Kings Avenue Mall, Paphos
Friday 12/9 at 6 PM
Screening of the short-film «AISHE IS GOING ON VACATION».
The projection will be followed by a discussion with the participation of the Director.

Entrence: FREE


9ο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Κύπρου
K Cineplex – Hall 5, Kings Avenue Mall, Πάφος
Παρασκευή 12/9 στις 6μμ
Προβολή της ταινίας «Η Αισέ πάει διακοπές».
Θ’ ακολουθήσει συζήτηση παρουσία του σκηνοθέτη της ταινίας.

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Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report 2012 Excerpts

by LUISA MILIC , Director Ideya Business and Marketing Consultancy

The Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services 2012 – The report offers elaborate profiles of two hundred fifty (250) Social Media Monitoring (SMM) tools and services worldwide including key product features, product applications, industry coverage, pricing and client information (on more than 150 SMM tools and services), contact information and much more. The Analysis part of the Report also provides a detailed guide to selecting and using SMM tools and services, definition of important SMM concepts and key applications, and up-to-date information on market trends including M&A activity in the SMM market. For more information visit

When should I post this?

When Is It the Best and Worst Time To Viral on Facebook® and Twitter®? [INFOGRAPHIC] (via

Every post you share on Facebook on Twitter you expect it to be read by maximum number of followers, don’t you?  Well, if you want to achieve maximum visibility for your each news feed and tweet, then plan to post on Monday, somewhere around 1pm to 3pm ET to get maximum referral traffic to your…

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Колко струват в крайна сметка държавните уебсайтове?

Държавните уебсайтове са в пъти по-слаби като изработка от частните , но за сметка на това в пъти по-скъпи. Това наблюдение очевидно е валидно не само в България. Принципът е станал общоприет. Каква е реалната ситуация? Действително ли разходите са толкова високи и за какво изобщо се харчат парите на данъкоплатците? Може би ще ви е интересен анализа в тази статия и ще намерите приликите и разликите с нашата действителност.

The Company Social Media Policy

There’s no such thing as a standard social media policy. Your social media policy must be customized for the specific business and context.

Nowadays it becomes more and more obvious for businesses that they must develop a social media policy to prevent the risk of losing trade secrets or having employees say things that damage brand’s reputation.

Some of the most important aspects of a smart Social Media Policy are:

1.            Define what types of discussions and posts are allowed.

According to Mashable, firms should:

Refrain from comments that can be interpreted as slurs, demeaning, inflammatory, etc. The Internet is full of varied opinions, and it’s okay to share yours, but you never, never, never want to be branded a racist or narrow-minded or an unstoppable hot-head.

Firms need to monitor what employees say in social media — but not through accessing employees social networks, but through public listening posts. Remember, your social media policy should stipulate these policies are in effect whether the employee uses their own equipment on their own time or that of their employer.

2.            Establish consequences when employees violate the policy.

Remember that employees are your internal customers and you have to treat them nice and this should be followed in your social media policy as well.

Your employees should know that companies can and will monitor employee use of social media and social networking web sites, even if they are engaging in social networking or social media use away from the office. Employees should always think twice before hitting ’send‘; consider what could happen if your organization sees what the employee publishes on the Internet and how that may reflect not just on the employee, but also the company.

3.            Encourage employees to engage.

They can best respond to customer complaints they find in social media. Reward them for their efforts and empower them to fix problems.

4.            Participate in social networks even during working hours.

It can be difficult to parse employee actions on social networks between work related activities and purely social activities. And the natural blurring between the two necessary of effective community building makes this even more difficult.

5.            Distinguish employees who have a legitimate role in participating in the firm’s social networks.

Eliminate the bureaucracy. An approval process I believe works in social media is to have strategies approved by management, including the tone of conversations, sources of information legitimate for disclosure, who might post on the firm’s social networks, and the proper blend on personal and professional sharing.

6.            Develop standards and metrics related to the use of social media by employees.

If you’re going to use employees effectively as part of your social media efforts, your social media policy should contain standards and metrics to guide behavior. For instance, if employees are required to monitor company social networks, they should have standards and metrics in terms of how they respond to customers, such as responding within 24 hours.

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Promote your business but don’t spam your mama

As a business owner you are probably trying to tab into the Facebook world and attract people to your business or service. This task is easier than one might think if you use the correct methods and strategies.

Recently, there have been a great deal of people posting spamming messages and status updates out to their friends on Facebook. This is by far the worst thing you could do when trying to ATTRACT a new prospect into your business.

People are generally very turned off when they see this attempt of selling. As a business owner, you are losing your credibility and trust of potential prospects. Seriously, no one really cares about your offer unless it directly affects them and their current circumstances.

It is all about your niche. I cannot stress this enough when you are trying to build a following on facebook, you want to attract like minded individuals that are interested in your product or service.
Selling to your immediate friends or family will not work and will leave you way behind the curve in business.
I would suggest finding a group in with people interested in your niche and friending them. Send each person a personalized message when asking them for permission to be their friend.

Do not say anything about your business opportunity or service. If the person is more interested in you then they will further research you and your opportunities. People like to buy a lot more then they enjoy getting sold.

Developing relationships online takes a great deal of time and patience. You must not give up if you do not see immediate results from networking on Facebook. Nothing happens overnight!

One more thing, brand yourself as a leader and professional in your niche. People are looking for someone that is going to add value to their life. They are searching for someone that is going to teach them how to be successful and show them what it takes to reach their goals.

The best words for your emails, the best time to send them

What words do you use in your Subject when sending emails? What time of the day you choose to send mass emails?

The best time to send an email—if you want someone to, you know, open and read it—is around 6 a.m., according to research from Baydin (, which makes the email plugin Boomerang.

The company analyzed its database of more than 5 million messages and came up with some useful insights about email communication, among them the words that you should—and should not—include in your subject lines.

Here are the best words that provoke response and that don’t. Frankly I don’t use neither of them 😦

The best words to provoke a response are:

1. Apply

2. Opportunity

3. Demo

4. Connect

5. Payments

6. Conference

7. Cancellation

And the words that likely won’t get you a response:

1. Confirm

2. Join

3. Assistance

4. Speaker

5. Press

6. Social

7. Invite

I wouldn’t recommend eliminating these words from your subject lines if they’re working for you. But if you’re looking to give your emails a shot in the arm, it might serve you well to at least try the recommendations in this info graphic:

Vkontakte changes image to contact foreign audience

One of Russia’s most popular social networks “V kontakte”, which bears a strong resemblance to “big brother” Facebook, has had a facelift. It’s adopted a new logo as part of plans to have a more global appeal and get users from overseas.

Vice President of “V Kontakte”, Ilya Perekopsky, says the company is now planning a move into Europe.
The letters V and K have become incorporated, looking curvy, trendy and bold.

According to Russia’s Marker daily, the change is not aimed at gaining more Russian users. “V Kontakte” is the third most popular internet resource in the country after Yandex and, with up to 30 million users daily.