The best words for your emails, the best time to send them

What words do you use in your Subject when sending emails? What time of the day you choose to send mass emails?

The best time to send an email—if you want someone to, you know, open and read it—is around 6 a.m., according to research from Baydin (, which makes the email plugin Boomerang.

The company analyzed its database of more than 5 million messages and came up with some useful insights about email communication, among them the words that you should—and should not—include in your subject lines.

Here are the best words that provoke response and that don’t. Frankly I don’t use neither of them 😦

The best words to provoke a response are:

1. Apply

2. Opportunity

3. Demo

4. Connect

5. Payments

6. Conference

7. Cancellation

And the words that likely won’t get you a response:

1. Confirm

2. Join

3. Assistance

4. Speaker

5. Press

6. Social

7. Invite

I wouldn’t recommend eliminating these words from your subject lines if they’re working for you. But if you’re looking to give your emails a shot in the arm, it might serve you well to at least try the recommendations in this info graphic:


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