What is LinkedIn and how to take most advantage for you and your business?

The idea of LinkedIn is to be the professional social networking site. If you want to meet experts, business opportunities and job opportunities – this is the place you should develop your presence and grow your business contacts and network.

What is LinkedIn and how to take most advantage for you and your business?

As a registered member, you get to create your own personal profile with information about you, your company, your products and services. You can also mention your professional accomplishments.

Once you’ve done this, you can begin to maintain a list of contacts which are known as connections and actively invite others to join your network and that whether they are existing LinkedIn users or not.

Here are some ways to use LinkedIn:



1. Growing & Managing Your Contact List
Invite people that you want to contact with to join your networks. The easiest and most elegant and useful way to do this is by choosing professionals from your Groups.

2. LinkedIn Answers

When someone asks a question, everyone can give out answers or suggestions to that specific question. This way you can interact with lots of people that are not in your network…Hence, a great way to increase your connections.

3. Search LinkedIn

The search tool simply allows you to find professionals that you know and even the ones you don’t know.

Then you can either try to get an introduction from someone in your network that knows that person or simply upgrade your LinkedIn account in order to be able to contact him/her directly.

4. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups allow you to join any group that you want. You’ll then be able to meet great people and keep in touch with prospective business partners and clients.

5. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is also a great place to post jobs or recruit employees to your company. Thousands of companies are hiring and recruiting on LinkedIn so if you’re a business owner looking for prospective employees, there you go!

6. Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

SEO marketing is one the toughest things out there in cyberspace and takes a lot of effort and learning to become an expert. Since LinkedIn is highly ranked in all top search engines, your LinkedIn page will easily show up in the top 10 in search engine results for certain keywords. That’s literally free organic traffic your page without all the SEO marketing hassle.


If you need advice or have questions about your LinkedIn profile and experience please feel free to contact me at: pr@xristiana.com


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