Your business must be where people go or why you need social networks

… the first rule of business is that you must go where people go …

Social media has become an online resource all its own. Facebook now has over 300 million users, while LinkedIn has 55 million professionals networking around the world. These are the facts but …now the question is: should you start your own social media campaign?

It is far too easy to say yes, and encourage new company owners to embark upon a half-hearted social media experiment, just so they can say they are part of the trend. However, creating a social media campaign requires investment not only in money but also in time. The only way you can justify social media expense is if you can observe the benefits and identify the purpose of your campaign.

Why Should a Business Use Social Media Websites?

Running a social media campaign is not just about setting up an account and filling out a profile. A social media manager is actively involved in a company’s online marketing and oversees status updates, features, profile information, links and numerous other details because it is all part of one important project.

What are the most obvious advantages of social media campaigning? Social media is a great opportunity to subtly build brand awareness and brand trust, to keep your customers updated as to new company news, to interact with your public, to promote goodwill, to find new leads and to survey a portion of your audience.

What company wouldn’t benefit in these areas? Social media is well worth the investment, provided the company can find a competent social media manager and devote the proper amount of time to running the page. A company that invests in social media shows itself to be attentive to its online audience, smart to new technology, and actively involved in cheap and easy advertising. In many cases, your prospective leads will be more interested in how you conduct yourself as a company in the public eye rather than with how you “sell” your website on a homepage.

The Proper Approach for a Social Media Manager

The person in charge of running your social media pages should have a strategy in mind as he or she begins setting up profiles and posting updates. Part of running a successful social media site involves avoiding the most obvious mistakes. Do not bother creating a social media profile or page if you haven’t the slightest idea what to say. Make an effort to separate your personal and professional pages, so that you can represent your brand with dignity.

A social media manager is wise to the beneficial effects that social media networking can bring. However, before starting a campaign it is wise to identify your marketing goals, not just online, but as a company moving forward into the new age. The only way to calculate return on time investment is to compare your goals and your company’s progress.

More than a few people have suggested that social media sites are like the “phone books” of the modern age. Social media is where people go to learn information and the first rule of business is that you must go where people go. How can you justify not showing your brand and establishing your name in such a crowded location?

You could take it even further by saying that social media marketing is like the fusion of a phone book listing and a television advertisement. The necessity of social media is obvious. Now you should ask: what are you as a social media manager willing to do to make your social media campaign successful?

“Social media is no longer a distraction from your job but part of your job. Companies go to great lengths to hire social media managers to keep the company culture strong. Find out why business needs social media!”

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